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A Very Bad Day (aka A Happening of Monumental Proportions) - Now Cinema - Jennifer Garner, Keanu Reeves  


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The cast members in this film are Jennifer Garner Bradley Whitford Allison Janney Katie Holmes and Keanu Reeves.  The film is about many characters and the day they have.   The main focus is on a single parent male who is sacked from his job due to sleeping with another member of the office staff (who is married) and her lie about him breaking the coffee machine.   The other main character is a little boy who is bullied and sick of moving around the world going from school to school to school never really making proper friends.  There are many other things going on simultaneously during the film and it is quite intricate and involved - you need to keep watching in order to keep on top of it the film.  To me, it looks very low budget and I am quite surprised that so many famous actors are in the film because of the nature and storyline of the film.  It is not very Blockbuster although I found some parts of the film amusing some of it I just found a little bit daft, predictable and not all that entertaining.  My favourite part was right at the end and when Keanu Reeves confronts the man who slept with his wife in a toilet in a restaurant.  Keanu Reeves was very very funny and convincing, and it's possibly the best acting I've ever seen him do because the script was not all that impressive but he managed to carry it off and make it probably the best scene in the whole film.  I would probably give this film 4 out of 10 and I would not recommend it particularly as I didn't really enjoy it. There were many plots and subplots and a lot of stuff going on which would appeal to many people but for me personally I didn't really enjoy it.  It turned out to be quite a feel good film in the end and it all kind of worked out ok for the characters apart from the one that at the beginning that was found dead in the car park and has been kept in the teachers land around all day because nobody would take the body away.  I think it's that part that I didn't really feel that interested in because the way they joked about it and laughed it off really was not very realistic and to me if it's not very realistic in that way then I'm not that interested in it.  I would not say it is a bad film, I would just say it is not my cup of tea.  Jennifer Garner was ok in the film,  but I did wonder why she bothered to take the part at it seems a real step down to what she's used to.   The same goes for Keanu Reeves, I'm used to seeing him in much better written films with higher budgets.

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