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This film is your typical romantic 'comedy' with all the usual fluff that goes with it. The career driven female who is from the city working hard to make a name for herself in a 'mans world' who really just wants to be loved.

I have decided to take this film on its own merits and see it for what it is. A feel good movie for when its raining outside and you feel the need to hide under your duvet with lots of yummy snacks and time off from real life.

Of course it is cheesy and predictable but it is also quite endearing and easy to watch. A perfect fit for when you wish to lose yourself in unrealistic romantic idealisms.

So the story is that this fearless female decides to embrace her spell of bad luck, i.e losing her job and realising that her fella is not committed to their relationship by entering a competition to win a house in New Zealand. Of course she wins and the house is hers, an Inn that looks amazing from the pictures and description.

Obviously she travels to New Zealand from the USA and finds the house is delapidated and a wreck needing a lot of work and renovations.

In reality the likelyhood of her owning the money needed to transform the house is far fetched as is her ability to actually do the work but the handsome sexy New Zealand eye candy helps her with that.

He is worth watching the film for.

So they work together to do the house up and it is amazing how quick it takes to do. But this is a fantasy film so what did I expect?

The film attempts to install comedy but its more the 'silly female making herself look daft' kind of humour which is not actually funny.

It is like I said a 'feel good' movie so it manages to succeed in doing just that.

By the end of the film you feel mushy and left believing in love, romance and happy endings - ok not so much but it does do its best to bring you those desires.

Its a good film for killing time and having a break from using your brain.

I suggest just going with it for the hour and how ever minutes the film is on for.

Would I suggest you go out of your way to watch this film? No I would not.

But if you want time out for some bubble gum bullsh** then this film is for you.

4 out of 10.


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