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Hoarders - CBS Reality - DISGUSTED!!  


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03/10/2019 5:10 am  

I am poorly so I woke up to take some painkillers and put CBS Reality on and OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!

Never seen a house so bad, 36 cats and 13 of those were dead!  You saw them sweeping up dead little animals that looked like they died in agony.

They condemned the house and the woman spent time in a shelter.  Even after them telling her that everything needed to be thrown away as it was covered in faeces and urine she was adamant she needed to save things.

A year later we see her back in the property her son helped her get back and its all tidy and clean yet she says she misses having pets???

We'd seen them carrying out tiny dead cats previously - them sweeping them up and holding rock hard dead animals by their tails yet this women gets a lovely clean tidy house back?

Yes I realise that hoarders have mental health issues and need help BUT 13 dead cats some of them tiny babies??

I am rather angry right now.  I think they should have made that woman serve time in prison and been served an order saying that she is NEVER allowed to own any kind of pet again EVER.

I know about depression etc most people do and suffer depression at one stage in their lives but to have faeces piled high and dead cats under tonnes of rubbish is way beyond acceptable or understandable.

I am a bit untidy I admit but how can you not notice the corpses of cats 13 of them?!!! littered around your home???  And still claim to be a 'cat lover'??

I don't believe there is any excuse for that.




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