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Hustlers - Jennifer Lopez, Julia Stiles, Constance Wu  


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28/12/2019 11:30 pm  

I watched this film tonight and I really enjoyed it.  It is about a pretty young asian woman called Destiny trying to make ends meet working and providing for her grandmother.

She takes up a job dancing and lap dancing and is fleeced by the management and does not seem to be getting anywhere til she meets another dancer Ramona who is raking it in (jennifer lopez).  Ramona takes Destiny under her wing and shows her to start making real money.

They do very well financially and Destiny is able to provide well for her grandmother until she falls pregnant and is basically abandoned by the father and left to fend for herself and for her child.

She struggles and calls upon her friend Ramona again for help.  

Due to the financial crash it is not as easy as it was to make money anymore out of partying and lap dancing for wall street idiots so they come up with a plan of drugging the men and rinsing their credit cards.

This works out well until one of the girls who has a drug problem opens her mouth after a man is taken for every penny and contacts the police.

This film is mainly about friendship and I enjoyed watching the characters and relationship between Ramona and Destiny.

I loved the idea of them managing to make so much money off the stupidity and sexism of males.

All good things however come to an end, such is real life unfortunately.

I enjoyed this film 8 out of 10

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