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Mr Right

Anna Kendrick and Sam Rockwell star in this really really funny film.

I have to say that I really did enjoy this movie.

It is about a very strange and kookie woman who her friends don't really understand, she is the oddest yet totally endearing character you are likely to find in most films.

Anna Kendrick does an amazing job in the role, showing us basically a crazy person but funny loveable and and very believeable crazy person. She plays the part so well that you actually feel like she is justifying her behaviour and I thought to myself yes that makes sense!

She meets and falls for a very unusual man who from the get go is fascinating and also very likeable considering he is in fact a contract serial killer turned good.

Due to her totally unique personality and outlook on life, Annas character seems to accept this mysterious guy who has just strolled into her life to change it forever.

He is totally honest with her from the start and unlike her ex boyfriend he is utterly transparent in what he thinks, why he does what he does and how he feels about her.

Her quirkyness makes her the perfect match for him and it is as if she has been waiting all her life to meet someone who could understand accept and just be ok with her just the way she is.

In parts the film lacks credibility but somehow both the lead actors make those parts somehow credible.

One of the best parts of this film are the amazingly witty and funny one liners that did give me proper belly laughs. You have to pay attention as they are so fast you could miss them.

The characters inspire and give eachother confidence especially Anna Kendricks character who appears to just come alive and embrace that side of herself that she was unable to truely express before she met this loveable killer.

RZA and Tim Roth are amazing actors in this film. RZA was the bad hired to kill due turned good also due to Francis (Sam Rockwell) influence, i.e that he shows him respect and a kindness. For a contract serial killer Francis really is a very very likeable character and his fancy dance killing moves only engraciate him further!

In the end Anna Kendrick really rises to the occasion and fights for her life with finesse and a wonderful confidence that you can well believe she has found due to her strange quirky mental personality.

I loved this film and I give it 10 out of 10. I watched it again straight after as I found it so funny and enjoyable.

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