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The Possession of Hannah Grace - Now Cinema - Shay Mitchell, Grey Damon, Kirby Johnson  


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Today I watched The Possession of Hannah Grace starring Shay Mitchell grey Damon and Kirby Johnson.  The film is about a pill popping ex police woman who fresh out of rehab start the job working nights the job is in a morgue.  She is responsible for taking pictures of all the dead bodies that come in and fingerprinting them to put them all on record.  She ha not been in the job long before a very strange body comes in one night.  The body is in a very bad condition with cuts and big blue eyes staring at her.  After finding details of the deceased she's a picture in which the deceased has brown eyes which confuses her as the corpse has blue ones.  A madman gets into to the clinic where the bodies are kept and the police are called and he's taken away he tells her that the body is not dead and that they are in danger.  She writes this off as a man having serious mental health issues and is relieved when the police have taken him away.  Then strange things start to happen around her, items drop off the table and smash and the door or to the drawer where the body of the girl is kept keeps opening by itself.  The police woman struggles with her addiction and the amount of stress she feels put under, as scary things continue to happen.  Meanwhile the corpse is escaping and killing people.  Each time it kills people the body starts to heal.  I won't talk about the rest of this film in case it spoils it for people that have not seen it yet.  Personally I did not really enjoy this film that much and I found it a struggle to watch it all until the end.  For me there was not enough about the character of Hannah before she was possessed and why she was possessed and what really the Possession was all about.   I felt that this film lacked a very important chunk of the story and seemed to be more about a dead body crawling around killing people for no real apparent reason.  I would personally give this film a 4 out of 10 as I feel it lacked substance.  Although Shay Mitchell was very good in the lead role and she genuinely looks scared and confused.   I feel the actors were the only good part of the film as the story was so lacking.

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