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Last night I watched a film called The Prodigy about a couple who had struggled with fertility issues until they had their baby boy. The child shows great intelligence from a very young age reaching his milestones quicker than other children. The child is a genius but struggles to get on with other children the same age, instead he prefers to spend time on his own own. At night the mother notices that he's talking in his sleep, she doesn't understand what he is saying and writes it off as just babble but records it anyway as its so unusual. After her child violently attacks another child in class, she takes him to see a child psychologist and plays them a recording of the child speaking his night time babbling. They explain to her that it's not nonsence babbling at all but in fact an old Romanian dialect that is no use no longer used. The child's strange behaviour increases and it becomes very unnerving to both parents. Saying things that are cruel and acting innapropriatley. He begins doing very dangerous things to people, he kills the family dog and shuts it in a cupboard. Also their babysitter gets injured mysteriously without him having any memory of it happening. The Psychologist says but he is the reincarnation of a violent murderer who died the same date and time that their son was born. The mother rejects their insistence that this is true but after she finds the dog she realises that her son is being possessed by this reincarnated personality. The man taking over her sons body is a very evil man who won't leave her son alone until he finishes his unfinished business. She manages to convince her husband who already realises that something is very wrong with their child. The evil man will stop at nothing to control their child and threatens the psychologist speaking to him like no actual child ever would. The parents realise that something must be done but the father makes the huge mistake of explaining to the child what is about to happen and a car accident ensues whilst the father is driving. I thought it would have been better to have NOT told the child anything but this is where I found the film and the characters actions not credible. Also when the mother says to the child 'take these pills to make you sleep' mmmm yeah right cos the evil within isnt going to think yeah? really? Im sooooooooooo gonna take these sleepy sleepy pills!! I think not.

I wont say anymore about the stories ending but needless to say, I did not really enjoy this film all that much. I found the ending rather predictable and thought some of it unlikely. I do not feel the mother acted very believeable at the end and I saw it the end coming. All in all I was a bit disappointed as I was hoping for a totally different more imaginative outcome. All in all the acting was good and the child actor was good at acting cute and also creepy. I will give this film 6 out of 10.

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