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03/01/2019 2:03 pm  

I have just watched the first season of You on Neflix.

Joe Goldberg owns a bookshop, he is a handsome intelligent chap who come across as kind and caring.  His neighbours child is neglected and often left hungry unsupervised by his mother whilst she is beaten up by her abusive partner.  Joe gives the young boy food and books to read as well as kind words.  This part of him is very sweet and likeable.  On the other side, we see from the narrative immediately at the beginning that there is much more to Joe that meets the eye.

An attractive young woman comes into his shop and immediately sparks his interest.  The running commentary of what he is thinking as he converses with her and sells her a book shows the audience that he thinks on a much deeper level which is sinister as he then seeks out to find her internet profiles and where she lives.  He then goes to her house and ogles her through her windows from across the road, pleasuring himself as he watches her.  The beauty of this series is that we get to hear what Joe is thinking in his head and what his plans are.  We get to see how his thought process works and ultimately what is wrong with his way of going about things.  He is a stalker but 'does it for her own good' at least he thinks it is.  The viewer can see the oddness in his take on things.

Although his character acts in such a shocking way, I personally found it hard to like the character of the young woman Guinevere Beck.

Guinevere Beck is a very self involved character,  she is self obsessed and self centered.   Her personality appears weak and is easily manipulated by her friends.  Even when Joe gives her emotional support and even gives her a job in his bookshop to help her out, she is still ungrateful and rewards his kindness by constantly cheating on him with random men.  She appears to have no morals and just uses Joe who she utterly takes for granted.  It is as if no matter how much love and support Joe gives her, its never enough.  Her need for attention means she sleeps around with no conscience. 

They split up and he leaves her alone and he moves on to meet another lady who seems to appreciate and love him.  He seems happier with a drama free life (apart from worrying about the little boy neighbour and his drug addict mother) and for a while his obsession with  Beck relents.

But, Beck knows he is happy in a new relationship and decides that even though she cheated on him and didn't want him, she now wants him back.  She pursues him knowing he is not single and seduces him without a single care for the other woman.  

I wont spoil the surprise with what happens at the end of the series, all I will say is that Joe has many skeletons in his closet and by the last episodes, quite a few bodies to dispose of!!!

Although Joe is obviously a bit of a psycho, I couldn't help but like his character and feel more than just a little bit sorry for him as he tries to do the right thing by Beck and all she does is treat him badly.  He does all he can to help the little boy next door which shows he has a kindness inside him.

I am not saying Joe's behaviour is justified, but I do wonder how much of it Becks deserved due to her disloyal and disgusting selfish attitude and actions.  Put it this way, no one 'nice' meets their demise.

He even throws a themed surprise Birthday Party for her in his bookshop and she turns up late then walks out without even saying hello to her friends or thank you to him.

I wont lie and say it all ends up well for her, I also wont lie and say I felt sorry for her.

'Some people deserve to die' is the idea that seems to be at the forefront of this series.  

And looking at the characters who do meet their end - I am thinking that there may well be some truth in that sentence!!!!

I did a search on the internet regarding season two:

Will there be another season of You on Netflix?

Yes! Ahead of season one of the show premiering on Netflix.

Here is a trailer for You






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13/01/2020 12:35 pm  

I have just watched season two of You.  I will praise the writers and the actors as this season was full of twists and turns and the main charater Joe (Will) remained relatable and again the constant narative into his mind helped us to not only understand him but justify some of the things he does although often extreme.

He manages to get himself (by design) entangled into the live of a very pretty woman who is kind and considerate warm and loving.  On the surface she seems so perfect although totally pre-occupied with helping her twin brother who has drug depencies and a very attention seeking nature.  We get to see into her life and her relationships with her family from Joes perspective.  All the while he keeps seeing his exes (who he did over) ghost popping in to question him over what he is doing.  This is obviously his inner conscience trying to warn him that he is going back to his old ways of doing things that are bad but justifying them afterwards.  His ex who is still alive also stalks him and threatens to expose him.  We learn more about their history and about what happened to her.

Meanwhile Joe is caught up in the activities and lives of his neighbours taking an interest in a young girl who needs guidance.  He tries to protect her by removing a peadophile from her life the legal way but that fails and there is an incident which causes Joe to take drastic measures.

I do not wish to spoil the plot for people who have not watched the second season yet but I must totally commend the writers in their genius.  In this season he really meets his match and that is all I will say!!

An excellent watch and soooooooooooooo much better than the first season.  Make sure you watch them all.  There is a HUGE twist at the end!

I hope the story continues on to season three.

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