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We enjoy banter and chat here on jibjab but if there are more than 3 people having a go at one single person we will NOT tolerate bullying and remove all the offenders.

Spammers can spam up to 300 words but here at jibjab we feel you’ve made your point after that and even though we have no word filter we will build them in as we go depending on the behaviour of our users.

Guest Room

Open to guests, no spamming, no nude pics or personal information is permitted.

The JibJab Inn

The JibJab Inn is where our regulars like to hang out, and is a chat room suited for those who are open-minded, up-for-a-laugh, and who don’t mind the occasional drunk talking gibberish rubbish… The JibJabInn is lightly moderated.


General Chat is ideally suited for those who wish to discuss politics religion and recent news items. The passionate environmentalists are welcome here too. World issues welcome. This room is well moderated.

Quiz room

This room is for people who enjoy the odd quiz or two! Guest are not allowed in this room purely due to trolling issues.

Flirty Room

This room is for people who enjoy a quick flirt and to get to know somebody better. This room is lightly moderated.