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Locke and Key - Netflix, Emilia Jones, Laysla De Olivera

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I have just started watching this series on Netflix and so far I am really really enjoying it. It is about a family (two teenagers girl and boy and younger boy) who move into an old house with their mother after their father is tragically murdered.

They are all traumatised and trying to process the awful events that took their father/husband away from them as they also try to adjust to a new home and new schools.  

The younger son who has not started school yet is left to roam around the old house whilst the older kids start to fit into a new school.

He hears the house whisper to him and finds two magical keys, one which was hidden in a bracelet that their father had given the daughter.

In an outhouse there is a well and a woman's voice talks to him from within the depths.  He is young so he assumes that the voice is coming from someone who is 'good'.

He finds two keys. One of the keys opens a door to whatever place you wish to be.  He uses this key to enter an ice cream parlour.  He is obviously shocked and thrills with the magic .  When one the keys opens a mirror in which his mother gets trapped inside he goes to ask the lady in the well for help.  She tricks him into giving her the key that opens doors to anywhere you wish to go and she leaves his mother inside the mirror.  He is then forced to show his older siblings in order to get their help to free their mother.  The elder brother ties himself with rope and is able to go inside the mirror and get her out.  As soon as this drama is over the mother then forgets anything ever happened but the children still remember.

The younger boy omits to tell the others what has happened to the other key saying that he 'lost' it.

The woman who took the key now uses it to eat and buy clothes and kills a young man by strangling him - I think we can now safely say that this woman is evil and has no regard for human life.

The older kids continue to try to fit in at school whilst the younger boy continues to look for and find other keys.

He sets a trap for the woman but she foils his plan and threatens him, she says he must find the other keys and she will return for them.

 I think the acting is very good, especially the younger boy.  All the characters are likeable and I warmed to them straight away.  The mother seems a bit dopey but they often make the parents seem a bit dim in these kinds of series in order for the kids to be able to have the freedom to create the story by finding things out for themselves.  

I am really enjoying this series and look forward to each episode to find out what the next key might unlock.    

I give this series 9 out of 10.

Here is the trailer, enjoy!


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