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Midnight Sun - Netflix, Bella Thorne

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This film is about a young girl who has to be caught out of the sun 24/7 because its rays could cause her serious health problems.  She has xeroderma pigmentosum and has been home schooled her entire life by her devoted father.  She has a best friend who visits and plays with her since she was a very young child.  The story follows her as she falls in love with a boy she has only ever seen out of her window.  She hides her illness from him as they only go on dates during the evening and she reveals her musical talents for writing and performing.  It is a sweet story of how a young woman strives to have a normal life when she has spent all if it hiding away in the shadows living within 4 walls and not experiencing all the normal things other teenagers experience like parties, dating etc.

Of course the film was predictable and the outcome could be seen from a mile off.

She stays out all night, gets exposure to the sun and ultimately carks it - but least she got to fall in love and write a song first right?

I know the disease does actually exist but I am not sure how realistic the film was as I think in real life they would have been much more careful and come home before the sun came out in the morning.  And the girls father is not angry with the girls boyfriend when i think most parents would have been after keeping their kid safe all their life and home schooling them for years etc.  She also manages to stay beautiful throughout only looking a bit peaky towards the end.

It is a sad tale good for when you want a little weep as the main character is so brave and unselfish.

I give this film 7 out of ten for the acting and the singing, the song was not bad at all.



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