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The first season of this series was a delight for me.  I found the characters light, funny, quite ridiculous but very endearing.

The plots were silly yet the actors managed to carry them off due to how well they all worked together.  They bounced off each other due to their natural comedic flare for delivering the script, taking cues from one another.  The whole series gelled for me and i really rather enjoyed it.

The male character (Toby Stephens) is irresponsible, yet quirky and easy to like but really needed Lucy Punch's character to spar with in order for his character to fly.  

In my opinion this series needed both of these characters in order for the series to work.

Yes the whole situation was totally unrealistic but watching the characters attitude towards terrible crimes and its victims was funny because of the way the actors were able to pull them off.  They had become hardened to it yet were still very likeable people which is amazing in itself.  They were both rather selfish self centred characters individually but together they managed to make each other look 'not all that bad' in being that way.  They both managed to pull off being totally insincere, stepping over dead bodies and feigning sympathy towards victims.  Their oh well never mind attitude is what contributed to the success of the first series and was part of why it was funny.  Lucy Punch's relationship with her husband played by Rory Kinear (another great comedic asset) was very funny.  Their down to earth and rather realistic arguments made me chuckle.  That was also lost when Lucy left the series.  

Season two was basically a bag of poo.  The new actress didn't really have a hope in hell in carrying her character off.  Lucy Punch was too hard an at to follow and there was no rapport between her and Jack (Toby Stephens) and Jack's character was totally diminished. 

Although they all tried very hard the series just was not the same at all and I lost interest completely and didn't bother to finish watching the series. 

In this set up, Lucy Punch was just irreplaceable and I do not believe that any other character could have done the lead role justice.

Maybe if they had replaced the role with another man who was a really interesting quirky character it might just have worked.  

The writers may have been able to have pulled it out of the bag if they had introduced a much stronger and more interesting character to spar with Jack.  Unfortunately they did not manage to do this.  It all looks rather rushed and like all they did was to alter a few lines and stick an attractive bird in there then crossed their fingers.

It is such a shame as the series was enjoyable and funny.  I found it a total disappointment and a waste of the writers talent and Toby Stephens acting and comedic ability.  Roger Griffiths (Tony) also an amazing comedic talent needed Lucy Punch's character to bounce his wonderful lines off and his character was also diminished with the loss of her.

So all in all major disappointment and Lucy Punch was far too much of a loss to the series.

If you have seen season one don't bother with season two.  Its just not funny anymore and the silly story lines are now just silly story lines.





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