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I have been watching this series on Netflix and really enjoying it.

This is about a young girl who dies at a young age and whilst she is laid out in a morgue something happens.

Suddenly warrior nuns enter the building with an injured nun the girl is dying they've remove something from her back it's a glowing circle and then they are are attacked by people that want this gold circle object in order to hide it one of the nuns puts it into the Dead girl lying on the table the girl suddenly awake and is alive after being Dead.  She manages to escape and finds herself able to walk and move her arms when she had been a quadriplegic before she had died.

She is dazed and confused walking around trying to understand what has happened to her.  She has not walked or had the use of her arms since she was 7 years old when she was in a terrible car accident which killed her mother leaving her an orphan.

She is wandering through the streets and some men approach her and she feels scared and suddenly a force pushes them away from her.  She is perplexed and doesn't know what has just happened to her.  She finds herself on a beach and she runs enjoying the wind in her hair and the use of her legs.

She meets some young people and makes friends and they allow her to stay with them. They give her some food to eat and are friendly, in particular a boy who seems to like her instantly. 

The main story is is that what the nun has put into her back is a halo from a God and the Halo gives her special powers and makes her unlike anybody else.  As you watch the series you understand why the Halo is so important and realise that not everybody can carry the Halo, some people they have tried to put it into rejected it but for some reason Ava was able to take the Halo.  It is said throughout the series that everything happens for a reason and maybe she was chosen to have a fresh new start at life.  She works out that the nun at the orphanage actually killed her because she knew that she was coming to an age which should have to leave the orphanage.  The nun at the orphanage said it was a mercy killing but it turns out she just killed people because she was Evil.  Ava goes back realising what happened in order to save a young boy that she used to be friends with before she died.  She saves his life but accidentally kills the evil nun.  Many people are after her now now because they know she is special and unusual and they want to take the halos power for themselves.

I have really enjoyed this series I have managed to watch every episode now and I am looking forward to the next series, hopefully there will be a next series.  I would definitely give this series a good 8 out of 10 because the story line is quite unique and it is different to a lot of of programs of this type.  The plot is good and the characters are very interesting.  The actors are very good in their roles and the main character Ava is very likeable and very easy to understand and relate to.


Here is the trailer for Warrior Nuns



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