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Am I a Lesbian?

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I just don't find men attractive anymore. To be honest I haven't for a long time now.

I have dated men I did not fancy at all hoping I would grow to want them sexually. I never did.

Out of 20 men I may fine one of them physically appealing but that's a stretch.

I pretend to flirt sometimes but the truth is I have no interest whatsoever in men anymore.

I watch music videos of women and they are so beautiful and mesmorising and I think wow I wish I looked like them.

I don't 'get the horn' etc its not like that.

I don't find men attractive, I don't long for male attention, I don't care if they say they find me attractive, I just feel nothing at all regarding men.

I wish I did, I wish I felt interested and wanted to make the effort to get to know a man but I just don't at all.

I do not know what is wrong with me and I hate it.  I just haven't found men attractive for years now and I am starting to wonder what I am.

I don't think I could ever make love to a man ever again and I really don't think I ever want to.

I am 46 tomorrow and I have had plenty of long term relationships.  I have been waiting for the day when I want to seek companionship and a relationship with a man and its just not coming.

Its an awful thing to say and admit, I just don't have any interest in men sexually or romantically anymore.  In fact I am not sure I even like men in general.

So, am I a lesbian now?



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sarah doesnt mean you are lesbian .just means you are comfortable just being on your own and have the freedom to do what you want and no one to judge you or boss you about.Alot of women these days prefer to be single it's the new trend lol .If you are happy the way you are then who cares what people think or say bollocks to them lol do what ever makes you happy ❤👍🤗😍

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I don't think you are a lesbian, you could be asexual - You don't find anyone sexually attractive, you can find them nice to look at but you don't want to do the no pants dance with them 🙂 x

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