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Corona (COVID-19) Virus - Stock Piling, emptying shelves

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The situation is really beginning to seem like one of those disasater movies we have seen about a deadly virus knocking out most of the worlds population leaving but a few people to roam the earth.

More and more countries are reporting cases and we have seen a huge increase daily of the corona virus death toll as it spreads.

Just like in films we have seen countries are going on lock down and people are basically being told to fend for themselves as hospitals, drs surgeries and the NHS tell people to just stay in doors if they have symptoms. People could die alone in their own homes whilst self isolating which is most likely if they are elderly without close family or friends and even if they did they are being told to stay away from them.

Imagine the fear of the most vulnerable of society, it is them that this virus is gunning for the most.

Throughout time we have learnt that the strongest survive, the weak will not inherit the earth and when push comes to shove we are on our own. This fact and it is a fact is proven by the many thousands of selfish individuals who have stock piled food and medical supplies because they only care about their own survival.

What about the families who cannot afford to spend all their money buying packets upon packets of pasta and rice and toilet roll and need to shop week to week? What about the children who may become unwell and may not have the virus but some other ailment? The teething children who may have a temperature? Now these children cannot get any relief from pain or any medicine to reduce their temperatures all because so many people have decided to buy up so many bottles of calpol and childrens nerophen. They do not care about other peoples childrens lives or pain.

I have seen the smugness in others as they proudly announce that they 'have enough food to last a few weeks' well how nice for you. YOU have enough? That's great for YOU. You have 4 bags of pasta and someone else has NO bags of pasta. You have 5 bags of rice but someones else has NO bags of rice. They are bragging because they were financially able to buy food in bulk and were around to grab the food before it all got taken. Why are they so very proud for taking so much food that could have gone to another family?

I am quite sure that when and if it gets really bad the government will arrange some kind of food collection or delivery system so nobody starves to death.

With so many of us brits being so overweight a bit of starvation wouldnt exactly do us any harm really would it? But can we guarentee that parents would go without in order for their children to eat? Unfortunately, no we cant. Disasters often bring out THE very worst in humans. Greed is one of the worst faults of mankind in my opinion. It may be our most natural of instincts to survive yes, maybe greed is stemmed from that. Greed is very selfish, in order to survive whilst others do not creates the greed and determination to exist. Maybe we are reduced to animals with one single thought and one single objective.

Nobody likes something they need taken away from them or made unavailable to them with nothing they can do about it. Nobody enjoys that lack of control, a submissive person may gain excitement from the thought of it but in reality when you havent eaten properly for days and cant get rid of your headache all of that fantasy crap will I am sure - go out of the window.

So how will this all turn out? Well life is unfair and the workings of this great big planet are anything but fair. There is no cosmic justice there is no karma although people get through life in the belief that there is in order to be less angry about being fcked over in their lives.

We all know how this will turn out if it continues to sweep around the world as fast as it is with the amount of casualties as it has in as little time.

Stock piling is silly, the death toll is constantly going up, there will be less people not more, why assume you will be the one eating everything you have bought?

To the greedy self centered people - the tins of food you have bought and have stocked up in your cupboard bought without one care for anyone else may possibly be passed on to other people if you get corona and DIE.

And because you kept going back repeatedly to the supermarket to grab stuff off of the shelves and mixing with people you may have passed corona on to your family members and they may all die too.

I have no pasta, rice or any toilet roll at the moment. I am not panicking and I will certainly not be buying every bag of pasta or rice or every packet of toilet roll I can when the shop does restock them. I have a headache and there are no painkillers, luckily my mother has given me a few paracetamol.

If you are going to get corona you will if youre not youre not, rub that hand sanitiser in 24/7 if it makes you feel better. Wear a little mask over your face if you think it will help. Bleach everything in sight and obsessively clean if you think it will stop you from getting it. I admire how so many people value their lives so much when so many of them arent really doing anything with them anyway. What is the worse that could happen? You could die? As if you are not going to die in the end anyway. And when you do eventually die what will you be known for? You will be known for being a horrible selfish person who took food out of other peoples mouths out of greed and all consuming need for self preservation above all morals or care for humanity.

I think its safe to say that these greedy bastards who stock pile wont be suffering from survivors guilt for protecting themselves and not giving a flying fck about anyone else.


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