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Coronavirus LIVE updates: Another 739 people die due to Covid-19

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Just recently we were led to believe that this Corona pandemic had 'peaked' but the numbers are still very high and 739 is one of the highest deaths rates to date.

It is obvious that businesses are suffering and the British economy is going to suffer.  People are becoming fed up depressed and have nothing to look forward to during this lock-down which feels to most as if it has lasted for forever.  Holidays cannot be booked and children are being left without proper education.  Parents are being driven crazy trying to occupy their children being at home for so long.  Children are stuck at home with abusive parents, calls to child-line have escalated and people in abusive relationships get no respite.  

People will get complacent and so fed up of being in doors they will start to rebel.  Human nature dictates that there will always be very stupid people who will flaunt rules and be careless and very likely pass the virus onto someone who might suffer and die from it.  They may abide by the rules for so long but then feel as if they are being 'punished' and kick against what they see as being 'told what to do'.  

The people who are used to working are not receiving enough money even with the furlong and must be feeling very frustrated.  Frustration often leads to depression.

Social distancing - is it even being adhered to?  Personally I regularly go to the local shop for bread milk etc and often people walk right up to me, same with staff at mini supermarkets regardless of the little arrows on the floor telling you which way to go.

I do not understand why they do not just employ the shelf fillers to work at night to avoid the general public.  I've also witnessed supermarket staff huddled together outside during a cigarette break totally flaunting the 'rules' on social distancing. 

I see people in the streets chatting with their dogs and kids standing quite close to each-other.  People become over confident, 'I haven't caught it yet so I will probably be ok' - really?  I wonder how they can all be 100% that they won't still catch it and die.

I regularly see young men jumping in and out of cars up to 4 of them in one car going from house to house.  For some people nothing has actually changed much.  

It is awful that some boroughs have had to close down parks to stop stupid people sitting together on benches.  If it was not serious then so many people wouldn't be dying and the government wouldn't have decided to order a lock down in the first place.

I do not like the thought of being awake whilst someone sticks a big tube down my throat to help me breathe, I also do not like the idea of that happening to the people I love.  Because of this I will stay in doors and secretly miss Mcdonalds and KFC and going out for dinner with my family.  Quite a lot of us miss pub gardens and human interaction but is it worth the risk?

And if the end this lock-down are we still safe to go out and interact with people?   If there is no cure then how can they send people out to go about their normal daily business without them catching it dying and/or spreading it to other people?


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