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Never let anyone ruin your trust but always try to forever hope that others will be different

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Excellent words by HG Tudor.


This is a fascinating clip about what narcissist people will take or aim to take from you.  Whether or not they are successful is really up to us.

It is in a narcissists nature to devalue you as best they can, smear your name, gaslight you and abuse you in order to strip all your confidence to make you easier to control and more compliable. 

What I have come to realise and understand from reading all I can about this subject and from my own experience with narcissists is that the more that they attempt to make you doubt yourself the more you realise that something fishy and untoward is going on.

Baring in mind that they don't actually want you to be totally subservient their aims actually do not make much sense.  If you are a complete doormat they lose interest and respect and then have to move on to find a better source as then they will have sucked you dry of all of your energy and the whole reason you were attractive to them in the first place.

After moving away from these types of people I think it is important to recognise that not everyone you talk to will be the same kind of person.  Always keep an open mind when meeting and talking to new people and never let a previous bad experience taint you for the future.  These people are trapped in making the same mistakes and following the same patterns of behaviour.  They cannot change but you can.

Now you know exactly what signs to look for and what to avoid.  It is not normal for someone to put you down, betray you and show you disloyalty in order to keep you under control.  It is not normal for someone to keep trying to undermine your opinions and beliefs in order to attempt to make you distrust your own self.  

You are allowed to have your own mind, never forget that.  You do not have to agree with someone just because they try to break you down by repeating what they think and want you to think over and over and over again.  This is a form of brainwashing.  

Do not be 'grateful' when they are 'nice' to you and don't put you down.

Never lose your ability to bounce back and always keep your humour and remember the true essence of who and what you are.

Once they have 'shamed' you by sharing your personal information, once they have betrayed you, been disloyal, betrayed your trust, then you really do have nothing to lose.

In fact as soon as they do this they have set you free because now you know 100 percent that they do not love you and do not deserve your love or your trust.

Then you are free to stay single forever or find someone kind and nice who is not a narcissist and who you WILL be able to trust.

Turn all negatives into positives!!

You may love them and miss them and wish that they were who they pretended to be but you now know what they are so loving them is pointless.  Some don't even realise what they are and do not acknowledge all the lies and manipulations they have done, but some are fully aware.  And unfortunately the very vain ones will continue to underestimate your intelligence which is probably the most insulting aspect of the whole situation.

They won't care, they will just move on to the next person, that's if they haven't already but most likely they have a few others on the go and always have had anyway.  You were never special wanted or loved.  They are truly incapable of ANY of those things. 

Never be tainted by one bad experience with one sad individual who does not know what love is and cant even feel it.    

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