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Your soul mate

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What is your soul mate?

a person ideally suited to another as a close friend or romantic partner.

thats the google definition.

so it could basically just be a mate 


well in my little sad world ive always thought that my soul mate would be like my parents were to eachother, two people loving respecting eachother and wanting to be together and not wanting to shag others or want acknowledgement for being attractive.

I dont like any other definition and to me none of them are relevant to me personally.


I truely believe that if you are actually, really in love, you dont want to make love to anyone but them. 

And even if you do, you feel like you are cheating, even if they have told you that they are unavailable and they dont want you.

Being rejected doesnt always stop you from wanting them.

But it will stop you from trusting.

Moving on is then your only option.

You have already realised that you are fucked totally.

Your soul mate is a horrible manipulative arsehole, and so are you.





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