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Admin and Mods at JJC - REVISION

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Hi here is an update.

Head Admin and Tech Support - Sarah - Sarah can help with registering and password re-sets or any issues you may have in regards to profiles.  Sarah take's care of the sites general maintenance and appearance. 

Head Admin and Tech Support - King Strongbow maintains the updates and deals with any major site issues.  King helps with all the very tricky stuff here.

Admin and Customer Services Support - Rach - Rach can assist you if you need to make any changes to your posts on the boards.  She is also very good at helping anyone who may have a problem using the site.

Moderators - Sarah and Rach - we will gag and boot anyone who attempts to troll the site but we encourage banter here so unless you are very abusive there should be no reason for either of us to gag or ban.

If you try to enter JibJabChat and get nothing but a white screen - don't panic you have not been banned, Sarah has just changed the settings so that no one can enter the rooms unless a Moderator  or Administrator is online.  This is to prevent trolls from entering whilst a Mod is not there to ban, gag and delete whatever silly attempts they make at sabotage.

If anyone is interested in joining and becoming a moderator here please contact one of us.


Happy Chatting!



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