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Top tips for dealing with people you do not like and have royally pissed you off

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If people really annoy you abuse you make you feel uncomfortable I have some top tips in order to deal with them.

Do not bother arguing with people, you know instinctively unless you are really stupid who you can and cannot reason with.

I suggest you walk away from them, block them and avoid all contact with them.  If they are family members then this will be tricky so I suggest limiting contact with them if you can.

In order to deal with the feelings of possible hatred or the need to vent I suggest that you either write it all down, or draw a picture or even write a song about the person.

Do not ever share what you have created with the person you have angst with because then you are just being an Ahole, instead just get all your feelings out and this will help you to feel better.

I personally either write a poem about offensive people or I write songs about them.  This really helps me to process my feelings of anger and pissed offness.

I have been trolled a lot.  I do not give them my attention anymore because they are wankers who do not deserve it.

I used to get very upset by all the put downs and body shaming gaslighting etc but then I decided to turn it all around.

I am important to them.  I am so important to them that they feel the need to talk about me all the time and insult me.  I do not troll them back, instead I write really shitty songs about them which makes me feel better.  

I will now post some of my songs which are not particularly good, the aim was not to make chart hits, the aim was to vent my feelings without any interaction with the people and without making myself look like I give a crap about how fat they think I am.  The last ones are called arseholes and suck my dick.


funny songs about trolls

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