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Bean bag

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first date went well as did the three more that proceeded,

he was courteous and sweet and did all that was needed,

on date five we got into a bit of a tumble in the back of the cab with a cheeky fumble

he was dressed so smartly a nice black shirt

it matched well with my very short black skirt,

he smelt so good all clean and refined,

he kissed my lips and i really didnt mind
he suggested a nightcap at his abode,

after kissing many frogs this one didnt look like a toad,

i agreed and knew i had money in my bag if this night of passion was to turn bad

we entered his flat the carpet was nice, he had some champagne already on ice

hope he didnt think me forward when i took off my shoes,

he put on some music which sounded like the blues
we entered the living room which had nice coffee walls,

i imagine smacking his arse whilst he was on all fours
then to my utter dismay and disgust,

i sucked in my breath as i really felt that i must
where a tasteful sofa should have been,

all cream coloured covered in plastic cos he seemed very clean
was a deflated bean bag looking sad and pathetic,

no longer did i feel at all energetic
i made my excuses and vacated the joint,

yet another man who lives to disappoint

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