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Don't care, really don't care - poem about not giving a crap about past rubbish

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Oh go away with your false accusations and lies
Even with the truth staring at you, you cannot use your eyes
I am so utterly bored with your tales of woe
It had nothing to do with me, just ffs let it go

I was screwed over by a liar and a fake
I was very stupid and I realise my mistake
I do not go in search for answers as to why he hurt me bad
I just see him for the twat he is, it no longer makes me mad

I do not wish to find anyone and ask them why
I do not wish to argue, and I do not wish to cry
I'd rather leave them with their sorry life
With their catchphrases and pretend wife

I can let them have the last laugh if it makes them glad
I fear that I don't care enough to say I find it very sad
I just wish a certain person would not keep harping on
I've left that crap behind me, its out of my head - gone

Deal with your own issues, I do not feel as you do
I don't deal in conspiracies will leave that all to you
I have so many better things to focus on in life
So please just get on with your 'stuff' I do not need your strife

I wish you well sincerely, in everything you do
But I really am not interested in this great big pile of poo
I no longer have the feelings that trapped me in his lair
I will say this yet again to you - I REALLY do not care.


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