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Stupid bastards

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transport me i need some space, disappear me to another place
my heart is pure its come undone, i wont indulge the likes of scum
others pander to their delight, just a row and another fight
everything fuel for the lessers and lowers, vicious banter the two and froers
i stand righteous I stand alone, I am the queen sat upon the throne
I look down on those less worthy, dirty rotten and full of scurvy
rotten to their very core, they love the spite and just crave more
I am worthy i am just, they can discuss me if they must
i care not as i stand proud, i dont need an audience i dont need any crowd
they waste their time indulging fools, as indulgence goes there are no rules
the sensible thing is to just cut them dead, dont worry about whats ever been said
know your worth and see others dont matter, let them get on with their bog standard patter
i hate you and you hate me bla bla bla such misery
no one ever wins it just goes around, they are not better for standing their ground
ludicrous and pathetic and not worth a dime, im certainly not going to waste my time

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