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The original intentions for this site

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The original intentions for this site was to create a busy chat room for people who did not enjoy being trolled by dickheads.

Unfortunately the site was sabotaged by trolls who realised that this site was owned by myself.

I say trolls but really only mean troll.  One particular troll who would continuously pop in just to post my address and abuse anyone who was in here.

The police intervened in the end and warned them off but unfortunately the damage had already been done.

Due to my lack of monetary finance I cannot afford advertising for the site and have since realised that I am not sure I even want a chat room anyway as there are so many twats online.

The site is inexpensive to run as I have other sites an one fee pays for all.  Although company could be nice I have decided that after I have spent hours and hours on this project posting original recipes thoughts poems music and it was once busy with regulars that I don't want to close it and may as well enjoy it all on my own.  It was much busier but now it is dead, dead as a dodo dead as deady dead can be.

This is why I have not closed it.  Plus the fact no one ever comes here means that I can post whatever crap I like and just enjoy myself getting stuff off my chest.  I have decided to use this site as more as a blog site that only I will ever read.

I could build myself another site but what is the point when I have this one?  In the future I may be able to afford advertising again but if not I will just continue to post things up and see if google does eventually bring me some forum posters depending on my content.

One got bored of posting film reviews and recipes and the site went into disrepute due to total laziness and the fact no one was reading any of it anyways.

Just lately I have decided that I am very likely boring all my friends so posting my thoughts on here knowing no one will read it means that I can process my crap and get stuff off my chest.

Because it has been dead for so long no one even comes here, not even my trolls.  I even stopped coming here and I run it lol

So Sarah here we are.  The site is now truly indulgent and all about you.  And so what? You pay for it and and no bugger will read any of this anyway.  With the choice of people online talking to your own self is actually more constructive productive and a lot more sodding interesting.

Sarah you are fat mental self indulgent up your own arse and no one likes you.

That may all be true but my mother loves me so who gives a monkeys dead uncle?

I don't invite anyone here anymore or post the website address anymore or even mention I have this place to anyone.

Spent years worrying about peoples opinions of me and now I am nearing 50 and have realised that most people suck anyway so fuck it.



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