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Top Tip - Holiday cooking when you only have one hob to use (and dodgy electrics)

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tips on cooking with only one hob

cook your meat then put in the fridge, even freeze it cooked too.

boil water and use it for not just the meal for that evening/day but the meal for tomorrow i.e. i have boiled cut chips left to cool and covered in oil to freeze and then put my pasta into the same water, I may even cook my rice in the same water just topping it up with fresh hot water.

cook more pasta than you need as you can put half into a containter an microwave for another day.

make your sauce before hand. You can put it into a container and add it to your meat pasta etc.

if you can cook your dishes separately on the hob then put in the fridge ie. sauce, veg, carbo, meat you can combine them together and just reheat them when you are ready to eat.

Rice and pasta will keep a couple of days in the fridge if you do not over cook it.

I am currently abroad with unstable kitchen electrics. I see this is a plus and it has enabled me to share my tips with you on how to cope when on a self catering holiday and needing to cook.

So now i have enough pasta cooked for two meals, some frozen chips I can fry, enough rice for two meals and one sauce cooked plus cooked meat I can use with all these ingredients.

My real tip is, buy food that can be used in different ways.

Can they be used as sauces? can they go with most things? Do you like eating them more than once? ARE THEY VERSATILE?

Remember when you have cooled cooked pasta stir a tiny bit of olive oil through it before you put into the fridge, this will keep it nice as long as you did not over cook it. Never ever over cook pasta must be al dente or its HORRIBLE. Floppy pasta is as unappealing as a floppy male member.

With cooked rice make sure you fork it and you fork it good, add pinch of salt, you could freeze at this point if you have air tight sealed bags if not leave in the fridge for 2-3 days.




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