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Recipe - Vegan - Mixed vegetables and wholewheat cous cous

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To a pan I added, a handful of radish thinly sliced, onion, red onion, a handful of kale and spinach and some mushrooms.  Then I added two garlic cloves, mange tout and a handful of bean sprouts.  I cut a stick of celery very thinly and added that.  Add a pinch of salt and pepper if desired.

I drizzled with olive oil and fried on a low heat. 

When the veg was soft I added a vegetable stock cube with less than half a cup of water.
I wanted a nice strong taste for when I add the cous cous.
I turned the heat up and waited for the veg and broth to boil.
Then I slowly poured the cous cous in a bit at a time to ensure there was enough liquid for it to soak up.
I kept stirring until the cous cous got fluffy and the liquid was gone.
Dished it up and I wont lie it didn't touch the sides and I really really enjoyed it.
Very tasty!
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