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Recipe -Vegan Pizzas - Olive and spinach Pizza/Margarita Pizza

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This evening I made two homemade vegan pizzas.

Some of the chatters at JibJabChat are not so keen on pizza with veg on them so I have made two pizzas in case they wanted to try the recipe.

As I bought gluten free pita bread instead of pizza base by accident I have decided to go ahead and use them as I have seen recipes previously where people have used pita bread as a base for pizza.

I took two pitas and rubbed oil and crushed garlic into them

Then I added onion spirals to them both and some passata.

I then added mushrooms, spinach, kale black and green olives.


Then I added lots of vegan dairy free mature cheese to both of them and some vegan hard cheese which is a bit like parmesan.
I could not add peppers as I have a food intolerance to them so I have to avoid them, but they would go well on either pizza.  
Then I popped them into the oven on 180 degrees for approximately 15 minutes, could take longer or less depending on your oven.
After leaving to cool I found the bottoms of the pizza to be nice and crispy.
They were nice, I wont lie they really were, and I think I will definitely make them again.
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