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Vegan - Mixed Bean Falafel in Breadcrumbs

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Half a tin of butter beans

Half a tin of adzuki beans

Half a tin of chick peas

Half a tin of canalleni beans

3 cloves of garlic


dry coriander, basil, mixed herbs

Handful of flour

Salt and pepper to taste


I had lots of mixed beans left from making my mixed bean dip and I really didnt want to waste them so I blended them all together, added coriander, garlic, basil, mixed herbs, salt and pepper.  Then I added a handful of flour, then formed balls dipped them in breadcrumbs and put the balls individually in plastic to place into the freezer to eat another day.

When I am ready to eat them I will probably bake in the oven as they have a tendency to fall apart when you try to fry them but maybe they wont as I have frozen them first.  I will post a pic when I have cooked them.


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