Sausage Pasta Bake  


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Mmmmm I was shocked at how lovely this was!!


Diced swede

Diced butternut squash

Diced onion

Diced carrots

Half mug of chicken or veg stock

Cooked pasta for enough people

Small chunk of cheese

Handful of flour

2 large table spoons of butter

Cup of semi skimmed milk

Salt and pepper to taste

Cook the veg with a small amount of stock then once soft add tin of tomatoes and half teaspoon of sugar.

Add herbs (I used oregano and basil)

Leave to cool.

Cook enough sausages (for however many people) in he pan or oven til hey are brown.

Chopped cooked sausage add to the sauce and line an ovenproof dish.

Then cover with the pasta.

Then heat the butter with the flour and mix to a roux then add the milk and the cheese continuously stirring on a low heat.  Blend or use hand wisk then heat til just before it bubbles then leave to cool.  I wont lie I used a dash of cream for my sauce and more than a small chunk of cheese but you don't need to if you are on a budget and careful with ingredients.

Pour cheese sauce on top and grate some cheese on if you wish or use grated italian hard cheese if you have some.

Put in the oven on about 150-180 until the cheese bubbles to a nice brown.


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