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Characteristics of a woman hating man  


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Characteristics of a woman hating man

  • They are usually not nice looking
  • They are usually very small in the trouser department and really not very good in  bed due to either lack of experience and/or by getting excited too quickly.  
  • They are usually not very smart but pretend they are so they feel better about themselves
  • They do not actually find women attractive, they only gain sexual pleasure from putting them down and/or humiliating them
  • They usually have mother issues where their mother either abandoned/rejected them or did everything for them and emasculated them so they will be forever dependent on them.
  • They will not get over you rejecting them very well and will obsessively try to be a thorn in your side long after you have told them where to go.

Characterists of the man hating woman

  • Any woman who has met at least one or more of the above.

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I gave my mother a box of Cleanex...well after all that crying she obviously has mother tissues....

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