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My Big Toe - Thomas Campbell - We are consciousness  


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27/04/2019 5:10 pm  

I had been reading the MBT (My Big Toe by Thomas Campbell)  lately and it has opened up my mind. It is a book that was written in 2003. It is a trilogy unifying Philosophy, Physics and Metaphysics. It is about awakening and discovery of inner workings. Here in this book, reality is discussed as well as altered states of reality. We exist as one individuated unit of the Big Cheese or the system. 

We learn that the existence that we have is a virtual reality where we can manifest our intent by forgetting about the ego. Everything manifests from free will. There are two realities involved, the non-physical matter reality and the physical matter reality. Most people can connect to both realities. As individuated units we follow the guidance of the system. Eveything is pure simulation and energy. Since we are consciousness we can manipulate the system and evolve in our existence. 

It is a good read and teaches you how to enhance your manifestations through intents. 

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28/04/2019 5:11 pm  

That sounds fascinating actually.

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19/08/2019 11:05 am  

Why would we be in a virtual reality? Must watch them Matrix films again...LMAO RATF PML


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