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Dr Lukes Voice over being banned  


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17/03/2019 11:54 pm  

Strange how your questions are answered and when other people wish to speak to me Sarah think she has the right just to block people?

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18/03/2019 7:28 am  

And can I make it perfectly clear Sarah invited the trolls on, I can't stand either of them. You cannot get rid of people Sarah and then blame other people for your wrongdoing. You've also deleted another message of mine which clearly stated that YOU invited them on here and I didn't. I did everything I could not to have either Charles or Jared on here. Having said that I will stay if unblocked. But for the third time

I cannot stand Charles or Jared, they're not mates. They're people I would never speak to and yet I get blocked when others wanted to speak to me yesterday evening on here?

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18/03/2019 11:49 am  
Posted by: Dr Luke

Strange how your questions are answered and when other people wish to speak to me Sarah think she has the right just to block people?

'Sarah' has the right to just block people as its her site.  It is not random, 'Sarah' has many reason why you were banned - of which I shall explain here since I am 'Sarah'.

You are manipulative, you twist things to suit yourself, you try to cause rifts between other chatters and you dominate conversation by dramatically misunderstanding things in order to create disarray.  You actually tried to manipulate the whole room against one chatter by lying about what was said.  No one said you 'encouraged your trolls' and they ARE your trolls as you are the one they wish to troll  from another site.  You threatened to cast aspersions on this site and 'tell everyone its rubbish'.  You also keep threatening to leave basically unless your needs are met by way of placation into staying by being told you are in the right when in fact you are not, almost like a small child who wants sweets even though they have thrown a tantrum.  You also posted on the boards an accusation that I am in a 'dark hole' 

I kept your trolls out of JibJabChat in order for you to have a good safe chat environment but your general attitude towards women has much to be desired.  Comments like 'I won't have a woman talk to me like that' - we are your equal and we can talk to you however we like as long as it is respectful and non abusive.

Who wanted to speak to you?  In fact I can safely say your behaviour has not amused the other chatters who come here - one in particular.

I am not sure what 'dark hole' you think I have got myself into but that has no baring on my ability to run and pay for this site.  And since I do run and pay for this site I decide who gets to chat in it and the majority ruling from us all is that you have a few apologies/explanations to make before I decide whether or not to unban you. 

Posting up misinformation, untruths and slights on my character will not help your plight.




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09/08/2019 2:54 pm  
Posted by: @rachel


So this isn't the first time he has threatened to ''discourage people from coming to this site'' He did this last night, when I wouldn't ban another member - because he was paranoid it was someone else, it wasn't. But he said he would discredit this site, and stop the chatters he asked to come along? Not seen any as yet. I'm disappointed. 

Indeed yes he has said all this before a few times in fact.  He has been 'bringing' chatters here for months they are just invisible ones we cannot see.  So many invisible chatters I have had to upgrade the servers to accommodate them all.

I do hope he does not tell all the invisible chatters to leave!!!!!

Whatever will we do????????????

Not only that but he's going to tell invisible chatters who have never even been here not to come too????

Right that's it!  Site is doomed to fail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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