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Beautiful songs with lyrics - Stepping Stone, Duffy  


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I love Duffy's music but this song in particular speaks to me.

Makes me think about the people you will meet in your life who are merely there to touch you and then move on.  Like it or not we all do this in life whether we want to do it or not or even do it consciously.

And certain people will affect you for the rest of your life.  Some people are harder to forget, not for the reasons they would like you to remember them, but for reasons they won't ever understand.

Once you have got close enough to see someone's soul - anything they do after that to hurt/affect you means very little.  People can be so predictable, if you take the time to get to know them in the first place.

Once they can see themselves for who they really are just by looking at you, the jig is up.

Some stepping stones are not stepping stones at all, you can step on one for it to sink deep down, and some are merely just stacked up to form a wall you will never be able to break through.  

Turn back, what are the alternatives? 

Sink, keep knocking on a brick wall or find another stone?

Personally I would choose to find firm ground and forget the stones altogether.




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