Online chat

There are many online chat rooms in Britain alone not to mention the rest of the world. Some are very busy and thriving with lots of regulars who come back every day or at least once a week to chat. The leading chat rooms in the UK are UKChat and Just Chat which have both been around for over 20 years.

Why do people use chat rooms?

Often people are unable to socialise in the real world. There are many different reasons why they cannot or decide just not to. Some people are single parents unable to get a babysitter and are stuck in doors without much contact with people. They come into chat rooms to make friends and to find people with common interests. Sometimes they are looking for love or just for same sex companionship. Some people are looking for an online sexual relationship or for just titillation.

Years ago there was some stigma in regards to chatting online. Nowadays it is considered the norm. Some chat rooms are whole communities of people interacting with the same people every day.

Some people may not be in the financial position to be able to go out and spend money socialising. They may just be managing to make ends meet so prefer to chill out in the evening with a cheap bottle of wine.

Some people may have health issues which hampers their mobility, this could mean that their only social interaction is a chat room. It could be the only time they really get to talk to people.

Social anxiety is also an issue blighting people in increasing numbers. Some people are shy and awkward and lack the confidence to push themselves forward in real life.

It is often easier to talk about your feelings to a stranger online than it is to confide in someone you know in real life.

People also crave the ability to be anonymous. They can break from the restraints of their every day life and become someone else whilst online. They can literally be whoever they want to be – more outgoing, more exciting, or more ‘themselves’ as no one can see their outward appearance or knows about their day to day life unless they choose to speak of it

Sometimes its just nice to be someone different if only for a short while.

Chat rooms can be a whole lot of fun, but they can also become toxic and stressful. Online trolls have grown in numbers since the beginning of the internet boom. They are mostly angry unhappy people who are so miserable that they take pleasure in affecting someone else’s mood in a derogatory and unkind way. They thrive on nasty remarks, abusive comments and by finding whatever way they can to cause someone upset.

Unfortunately some chat rooms like Just Chat for example do not care about people. They have hardly any moderators and a couple that they do have are biased and not committed to helping people or to stop the online bullying. People personal addresses and pictures have been spammed here for years without anything ever being done about it. The owner of the site does not care and does not feel that he has any duty of care to the individuals that use his site.

A good chat room is important.

What makes a good chat room?

A good chat room is one that is moderated. It also helps if the site is easy to use and free but ultimately a chat room site is really only as good as its moderators.