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18/09/2019 11:21 pm  

The broken tea cup

We bought her a new radio, she was not at all impressed
She always wore a pinnie, I always loved the way she dressed
I loved looking at her treasures, her wimsies loved her ways
I look back on memories fondly, I remember happy days
What's that lurking in her cupboard? It was very hard to tell
You couldnt recognise it, even from the reeking smell
Get yourself out of my cupboard! the ham in the fridge is fine!
My mum used to lob it in the bin, she had to do that all the time
She had a unique personality, she was a funny dame
It was not due to her age, she had always been the same
A funny lady so determined - she always took a stance
She always made you laugh when she did her little dance
Her cooking was amazing but you would always find a hair
It still tasted just so wonderful you would pretend it was not there
She collected loads of papers but no one ever knew what for
And although her house is still standing she no longer lives there anymore
I remember just how fussy she was when you made her tea
She would make me go and remake it but that did not bother me
The tin would come out around 4 in the afternoon
As a child I got to pick my treat and I was over the moon!
The dogs would get a cup of tea she would put it in a saucer
She had her funny ways and no one could ever force her
To be anything than the person that she wished to be
I like to think that she is the reason that I am me
She would read the tea leaves and she taught me how
Now her teacups are all gone I wonder where they are now
Some people never are forgotten and live forever in our heart
And teacups end up broken just like our bodies fall apart.


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