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Update - Change to the rooms that are open to guests on JibJabchat  


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01/09/2019 3:44 pm  

Due to recent information I have received, we have decided to only have one of our rooms open to guests.

The Guest Room will remain open for guests and the main Chatroom - The JibJab Inn will be only for registered users.

We do not want our regulars leaving due to trolling and unpleasantness.

We are also being very very careful of what registrations we will allow and no new registrations will be able to post anything on the boards without it being moderated first. 

Registered users can use the guest room, maybe double log if you wish? but we need to ensure that our regulars continue to have a safe and nice environment to chat in.

If the guest room works out ok with minimum amount of trolls and nastiness then we will open up other rooms and adapt to demand.

Any registered users who abuse others will be gagged, we will not ban you, you can add to the numbers in the room but your account will be pretty much pointless as you wont be able to type and be seen.

Unlike other sites, our guest room will be moderated, no good spamming here at JibJabChat as we have the fix code.  No good posting other peoples naked pictures either - you will be reported to the police.

Our goal here is a troll free site - banter is ok.  We cannot promise to get it right every time, but we will try our best.

If you are not here to chat nicely and have a laugh - we do not want you.




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