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15/09/2019 1:37 pm  

Just in case anyone is interested...........

Chew the fat and poetical-lines (and jibjabchat 2) have now all got a chat element attached.  The chat element is not the same as jibjabchat site one.  It is not embedded and has different software.

Just click on the chat bubble and it will open up a chatroom.

The chat will open up as JibJabchat as all three sites (well four) are now successfully joined together.  Basically that same chatroom can be accessible from all three sites.

Obviously I am very interested in anyone who wishes to register or post on chew and poetical even if its just to comment on the threads already up.

Anyone interested in food posts/chats or poetry etc.

I will be working on pergiftco and Pergifto hopefully this week and tweaking it etc as it needs to be more user friendly so any suggestions would be welcomed.

Imagine its like lord of the rings lol one site to rule the others!

Download and I are currently looking into embedded chat alternatives that may or may not have cams etc.

JibjabChat has now been up a year and anything is possible!

Anyone interested in joining and becoming a moderator here is welcome to contact myself, download or our wonderful head moderator Rach.  We don't expect anyone to be as good as she is but we will keep an open mind!

Take care all, thank you for reading and Happy Chatting!


Oh and to any trolls, all sites have real time visitor monitoring so I would not bother.



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